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Working Programme "Places of Worship" covers the issues dealing with human spirituality in architecture. The traditional location for spiritual spaces are religious buildings - places of worship. In these buildings the spiritual aspect of design has always found the fullest expression. Throughout different cultures and different religions, sacral architecture shows the skill of its builders in getting to heart of mystery remaining the true expression of highest aspirations of different civilizations. Buildings and spaces that move the spirit in contemporary world can have the broader definition though. Places of remebrance, monuments devoted to memory of heroes or events important to different societies or whole humanity also have the sense of greatness. Rituals connected with the deepest aspects of human existence like birth and death ,codified by different religions - in architecture solved as burial grounds, cemeteries, belong to the realm of spirituality at its hightest. XX century civilization made travelling easy. Development of media, especially Internet has not diminished the basic human need for emotional contact possible to acchieve while visiting a shrine, both historical and modern places of worship. This also forms new kind of spaces and building types - dedicated to religious tourism. For the Congress in Berlin we want to focus upon the theme of changing functions of once religious buildings and turning them into spaces housing different events. We want to make architects reflect what is in the sacral spaces which makes them sacral and what happens to it when the temple or burial ground turns to be something completely different.


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